We Clean for Your Health

Natural stone and ceramic tile are a popular alternative to carpeting, wood, or vinyl flooring. Even though they are hard surfaces. Over time, they can become a habitat for bacteria from the buildup of dirt and grime in the porous areas on the surface. This is especially a concern in kitchens and bathrooms.

Although these areas are routinely swept and mopped. They can’t effectively clean between the stone or tile. So, if you are doing it yourself. The option is to get down on the floor with a brush, which can be back breaking and very time consuming. Well, if crawling around on your hands and knees cleaning your tile and grout isn’t something you want to tackle. You can call Chem-Dry of Siouxland.

An independent laboratory conducted a study to determine the effectiveness and healthfulness of Chem-Dry Stone, Tile and Grout Cleaning process. This study found that our process along with the use of a sanitizer removes and average of 98.6% of bacteria from these surfaces. You can rest assured that the products we use are safe and approved for use in your home. Since, the grout used in the installation of your floor is highly porous. We will apply a sealer after cleaning to prevent soil buildup and staining of the grout. The goal at Chem-Dry of Siouxland is to make your home as healthy as possible and protect your investment.