Make your granite countertops look new again

Granite countertops are becoming more common. Because of the durability of granite, it is a material than can be enjoyed for many years. Granite however can lose some of its luster and shine. If a sealer was applied at the time of installation. It can wear thin and allow liquids or contaminants to penetrate the granite surface. Dirt, germs and water spots can dramatically alter the appearance of your granite surfaces. Although, there are many store-bought products available, they can often do more harm than good. Most contain ingredients that are harsh and abrasive, which can damage the granite and dull the finish.

Chem-Dry of Siouxland offers this service. We can restore the natural beauty of your granite, engineered granite and quartz countertops. Not only will we clean your countertops, we will seal and polish them as well. An independent laboratory studied the effectiveness of Chem-Dry Granite Countertop Renewal and found that it removes 98.4% of bacteria from granite countertops. The area you prepare and serve meals to your family should be safe and clea